Be Successful

To be successful, whether that is having financial abundance, being in a stable and happy relationship, traveling a lot, buying a house… you need to surround yourself with people that are positive, goal-oriented, who take responsibilities rather than playing victim. You have to sit at the tables where successful people are. Let yourself be inspired by them, by their stories and model their examples. Discuss ideas, not people. Fuel your creativity, not your hate. Focus on yourself.

Para seres bem-sucedido, seja isso ter abundância financeira, estar numa relação saudável e feliz, viajar bastante, comprar uma casa… tens que te rodear de pessoas positivas, orientadas para o objectivo, que assumem responsabilidades em vez de se victimizarem. Tens que te sentar nas mesas onde as pessoas de sucesso estão. Deixa-te inspirar por elas, pelas suas histórias e modela os seus exemplos. Discute ideias, não pessoas. Alimenta a tua criatividade, não o teu ódio. Concentra-te em ti.


One of the best sensations in the world is overcoming fears. We are born with only two fears: the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. So all the other fears we have were acquired throughout life. Either by bad experiences we had or because we were told about the danger of doing X. Among the most common fears there is the fear of speaking in public, the fear of dying, the fear of being a failure, the fear of being criticized and judged. At a first glance, fears are good because they protect us from being physically hurt and allow us to stay alive. However, in the majority of the time, we allow fear to escalate and take proportions that block us from being happy and free. From living.
Those are not natural fears. They are just not part of us and so they don’t need to stay within us. Fears are illusions. A blockage that our mind creates to something that is hard to think of doing, so it stays in the “don’t touch area”. Fears are the reflection of what we need to work on ourselves. Overcoming a fear requires a lot of effort and courage. But when we overcome it, we feel empowered, limitless. So get yourself out there and release yourself from what is blocking you. Live free. Live authentically.

Happiness is a choice

Vais ser feliz quando entenderes que só tu tens o poder para fazer isso acontecer.

You will be happy the moment you understand that nobody but you is responsible for your happiness. That happiness happens here and now, rather than being a goal that we keep postponing to some future. That it only depends on you and that you are the only source of true and long-lasting happiness.

Vais ser feliz quando perceberes que ninguém além de ti é responsável pela tua felicidade. Que a felicidade acontece aqui e agora, em vez de ser um objectivo que continuamos a adiar para um futuro. Que só depende de ti e que tu és a única fonte de uma felicidade verdadeira e duradoura.

Now is always the moment

Whatever you are thinking of doing, whatever dreams you have, the time to act is now. Start making the arrangements today. Start your journey today.
Before the intention fades away. The only reason to leave it for tomorrow is lazyness. Lack of commitment to yourself. And later on you will see someone living your dream because that other person took the opportunity that was meant to be for you. Give your uniqueness to the world. The time is now.

O que quer que seja que estejas a pensar fazer, quaisquer que sejam os teus sonhos, o tempo para agir é agora. Começa os preparativos hoje. Começa o teu caminho hoje. Antes que a intenção se desvaneça. A única razão para deixar para amanhã é preguiça. Falta de compromisso para contigo. E mais tarde verás alguém a viver o teu sonho, porque esse alguém agarrou a oportunidade que te era destinada. Dá a tua singularidade ao mundo. O momento é agora.