Being a Wild Soul?

Do you feel insecure about your value? About the quality of your relationships? Do you feel stressed? Anxious? Or do you live connected to your instincts? Do you know your strengths?

A Wild Soul is a person who is secure of herself, listens and trusts her insticts, makes quick choices, has herself at high value, allows herself to be vulnerable and does not suffer from other people’s opinions. A Wild Soul is like a wolf: protective, caring for the pack, a nurturer. A Wild Soul is kind, but also fierce, when needed. A Wild Soul does not allow her fears to hold her back. A Wild Soul is unstoppable. A warrior. She is the strenght of the people around her. She is sunrise and sunset. She is light, but can also be darkness. She is home. And Nature. She is Love. She is her (true) self.

Who are you?

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